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Messaging Hub


The Cloud Elements Messaging Hub is the first API that unifies messaging across the industry’s leading international email and SMS services: Infobip, SendGrid and Twilio. By writing to the Hub API, developers can integrate the leading cloud messaging services for a fraction of the time and cost. A uniform API provides the ability to retrieve and send email and SMS messages across leading services.

The Messaging Hub is available for free!


Our “one-to-many” approach allows you write to one API and connect to all the leading services in the Hub. A uniform API provides the ability to retrieve and send email and SMS messages across leading services.

Multi-Tenant Connectors

Our Elements support your multi-tenant application. One Element manages connections with an unlimited number of “instances” of each service. So you can have thousands of SendGrid or Twilio accounts connecting with your application.

Authentication Simplified

The Messaging Hub even manages the authentication into these services for you and even stores the authentication token, so you don’t have to worry about this in your application.

Monitoring, Logging and Maintenance

Hubs automatically plug in with our enterprise-class monitoring and logging console – providing real-time visibility into the performance and availability of these services. We even provide maintenance on changing API endpoints!

Uniform APIs to manage Messages across services

Messaging Hub API
  • Select It

    Select from our growing catalog of cloud services.

  • Provision It

    Provision all your services and manage all your keys from one console.

  • Tag It

    Tags enable highly granular tracking and monitoring.

  • Gitit™

    Instantly deliver the current integration code to your GitHub™ account.

  • Monitor It

    Alerting, Logging and Analytics all in one place for all of your cloud services. We maintain the end points for you.

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